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Big Bang Percussion was created in 2020 by Emiliano Benevides.

The idea is to create instructional videos about rhythms and percussion instruments.



Emiliano is a Brazilian/USA citizen living in Switzerland.


To teach is one of his passions, and in this moment of coronavirus, he decided to start this Youtube channel, to share his music and percussion experience.

A certified music therapist by the IMMH(Instituto Mexicano de Musicoterapia Humanista), and a huge part of his life spent in the classrooms teaching kids, Emiliano brings to this channel a very special environment of sharing. A club for music lovers (especially drums and percussion) ready to play and to have fun.


Emiliano Benevides has won the SF WEEKLY MUSIC AWARD for Best World Music in the San Francisco and Bay Area, and the CALIFORNIA MUSIC AWARD for Outstanding Latin Alternative album with his band, Bat Makumba.


More about him, please visit: 


+41 79 354 07 12


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